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The HearthStone brand is founded on the quality of our products.

That’s why we partner with Hase to bring a modern European-style product to the North American market.

Hase products are among the highest quality products in the world. They are designed and manufactured exclusively in Germany, and made available to you exclusively through HearthStone.

European Design

Hase products are designed with European style. As Hase puts it:

Above all, the goal is to create stoves with a balanced and harmonious shape and form. Our stoves truly shine and make a beautiful impression in rooms with minimal furnishings, well-chosen furniture, and clean, streamlined designs.

Clean Modern Style

The Tula wood stove has been re-designed with a clean new style. The stove stands taller and the front face has a simple geometric look that can be customized with soapstone.

The optional heat storage kit stacks on top of the stove and collects the heat from the stove pipe in refractory bricks. The warm bricks then radiate the heat into your home for hours after the fire has died down.

Custom Colors

The Bari wood stove offers the warmth of soaspstone with a Hase signature style.

Or, you can also special order stoves and ceramic panel sets in a variety of different colors. Visit hase.eu to see the full range of color options.

Contact us via email at warm@hearthstonestoves.com or call (877) 877-2113 to order your favorite combination.