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Comfortable Modern

A flickering fire can add just the right touch to any living space. Aurora gas fireplaces present a simple linear fire in clean, minimal designs that will compliment a modern aesthetic.

Enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a burning fire that makes modern feel cozy.

The Aurora Collection

The Aurora collection includes built in fireplaces for new construction, wall mount fireplaces, fireplace inserts and freestanding fireplaces. We have an Aurora product that will fit in your home.

Design Flexibility

Built-in fireplaces for new construction. See-thru and single sided versions. Clean linear design. Thin construction works well for interior walls. Simple operation. Battery operation. LP or NG. Automatic pilot ignition. Porcelain enamel panels. Reflective glass media.

The Gemini and Celeste fireplaces can be installed with a power vent, making creative installations possible.

A power vent uses a fan to move exhaust through the vent pipe. A power vent makes it possible to vent our fireplaces horizontally or down through the floor, giving you flexibility to design your home.


Versatile Installation

Our wall mount fireplaces are an innovative way to turn any wall into a hearth. Easy to install without the need for a major remodeling project. Five finishes to choose from. Minimal clearances, takes up little space. Great for any room.

The Aurora wall mount fireplaces are available as either direct vent or vent free products.

Direct vent products require a vent pipe that can be installed horizontally through a wall or vertically through the roof.

Vent free products do not require a vent pipe. They are as safe and easy to install as a kitchen stove, perfect for urban homes.



Fireplace Inserts

Update your hearth with an efficient contemporary fireplace insert. Simple operation, battery operation, LP or NG, automatic pilot ignition, porcelain enamel panels, reflective glass media.


Freestanding Gas Fireplace

The new Eclipse freestanding gas fireplace combines Hase’s design mentality with the gas technology of the Aurora collection.

A simple modern design frames the clean, linear Aurora gas fire. It is a perfect combination of fire and furniture. See more details about the Eclipse here.

Seamless Safety

Our protective screens are seamlessly integrated into each fireplace. They complete the design of the fireplace and disappear when the fire is burning.

...by far the best safety solution on the market.