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EPA Wood Emissions and Gas Safety Standards

Wood Stove Certification

All wood and pellet stoves sold in the United States are required to undergo rigorous performance and safety testing.  Since 1998, the EPA has required US market wood stoves to meet stringent emission requirements and in 2015 these standards were tightened even further.  Hearthstone has dedicated itself to making clean, easy to use stoves since 1978 and all Hearthstone wood and pellet stoves sold since 1988 are EPA certified.   Further, every Hearthstone stove currently in production exceeds the EPA's 2015 clean air requirements.

Click here for Hearthstone's EPA Certification Test Reports. 

For more information on wood heater compliance, visit the U.S. EPA Website: http://www.epa.gov/compliance/wood-heater-compliance-monitoring-program. You can find our current and older products listed under Hearthstone Quality Home Heating Products, Inc., and NHC, Inc.

Gas Stove Safety

Gas stoves are designed to burn either natural gas or propane. They emit very little pollution, require little maintenance, and can be installed almost anywhere in the home. Today’s gas stoves can be vented through an existing chimney, direct vented through the wall behind the stove or may in fact be vent free.

All Hearthstone gas stoves currently sold meet or exceed the Consumer Products Safety Commission standard for hot glass incidental burn barriers.  Hearthstone is committed to providing our customers with safe, clean, efficient and convenient heating appliances. 

For more information on glass barrier safety, visit the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association website: