WFP-75 Montgomery

Zero Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace

A beautiful cast iron facade presents a werm and efficient fireplace. Perfect for new construction or deep renovation.

Finish Options:

Matte Black

Brown Enamel

Clearance to Combustible Materials

WFP-75 Montgomery

Model 8410

MSRP: $3939* - Matte Black

MSRP: $4449* - Brown Enamel

*plus transportation, handling, taxes and installation

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EPA Ceritified Zero Clearance Fireplace:

Clean burning and efficient.

Stacked Ledgestone Interior Panel:

Accentuate the chiseled stone appearance of the cast iron front.

Optional Vent Ducting:

Distribute heat to other rooms.

Thermostat Controlled Fans:

Turn on and off automatically.

Simple Stove Control:

Easy operation, efficient performance.

Secondary Burn Combustion System:

Clean burning, efficient, reduces creosote build-up.


Efficiency _______________ 55% HHV

Burn Time ______________ 9+ hrs**

EPA Certified _____________ 4.4 g/hr

Heats up to _____________ 2,000 sq ft

Firebox Capacity ___________ 2.5 cu ft

BTU ________________ Up to 75,000

Maximum Log Length ___________ 20″

Flue Diameter _____________ Top - 6″

Actual Weight _____________ 400 lbs.


Spark Screen _____________ 94-69100

Forced Air Convection Kit_____ 94-57100

Gravity Convection Kit _______ 94-99100