TruHybrid Cast Iron + Soapstone Wood Burning Stove

The Manchester offers an integral convection air jacket, side load door, ash pan, and our ultra-efficient TruHybrid combustion system.

Finish Options:

Matte Black

Brown Enamel

Clearance to Combustible Materials


Model 8362

MSRP: $3499* - Matte Black

MSRP: $3999* - Brown Enamel

*plus transportation, handling, taxes and installation

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TruHybrid™ Combustion System:

Clean burning, uber-efficient, burn times up to 30 hours**.

Single Lever Air Control:

Easy operation, consistent performance

Easy Catalyst Control Handle:

Open side lever for smokeless startups, close for long, efficient fires

Convection Air Channel, Heat Exchanger:

Pulls more heat out of the stove and into your home.

Durable Construction:

Full cast iron construction with 1¼" soapstone lining offers lasting heat and a lifetime of trouble free service.

Oven-Style Side Door:

Convenient fire loading, oven-style door helps keep ashes in the firebox.

Decorative Cast Rear Heat Shield:

Finished look from any angle.

Top or Rear Flue Exit:

Freestanding or hearth configuration, use the flue cap as a cooking plate with the rear exit.

Ash Pan:

Satanard feature, makes firebox easy to clean.


Efficiency _______________ 78% HHV

Burn Time ______________ 30+ hrs**

EPA Certified _____________ 0.65 g/hr

Heats up to _____________ 2,400 sq ft

Firebox Capacity ___________ 2.45 cu ft

BTU ________________ Up to 75,000

Maximum Log Length ___________ 24″

Flue Diameter ________ Top or Rear- 6″

Side Load Door _______________Left

Ash Pan _________________ Included

Actual Weight _____________ 520 lbs.

Alcove Certified ______________ Yes

Mobile Home Certified _________ Yes


Convection Blower _________ 93-57600

Outside Air Adapter ________ 93-53500

Side Door Lock Kit _________ 93-70607

Close Clearance Heatshield ___ 93-68600